Our boarding students share single-gender facilities supervised around-the-clock by trained and experienced staff.

Comfortable rooms air conditioned in all seasons

24-hour security, first aid and maintenance cover

Nutritious meals prepared in-house by a resident chef

Internet connectivity throughout the premises

Generators to guarantee uninterrupted power supply

Transportation to and from school

Indoor and outdoor sports, with expert coaching

town trips





Learning Tower

School Meals

Swimming Pool

Sports Complex


The artistically-designed and cutting-edge auditorium at Newlands Lahore serves as the venue for memorable and spectacular performances that bring imagination and creativity to life. This facility is used for student events and activities and can accommodate up to 700 people.

Activities held here help students build self-confidence and acquire 21st century skills, such as critical thinking, media & information literacy, communication & social skills, and self-management skills. Additionally, events help foster love and an appreciation of the arts and culture.


Boarding is at the heart of Newlands’ educational programme. We are proud to offer students age 13-18 in grades 8-12 from all over Pakistan and beyond the opportunity to receive a first rate education in a safe, nurturing environment.

The Newlands’ Boarding experience provides a comfortable, secure atmosphere where our young people can grow in maturity, independence and confidence, whilst forming enduring friendships and gaining a keen understanding of others. It provides a stable, close-knit community that replicates the warmth of a family home and reflects the ethos and core values of our school.

The facilities on the eastern outskirts of Lahore are wonderful, with a modern building set at the edge of a large 17-acre sports complex. The grounds include large cricket and football pitches, volleyball and basketball courts, and even a horse riding arena. In the building, there are personal study spaces, a delightful dining room, and lovely common areas with pool and table-tennis tables, TVs, comfortable sofas and beanbags, and a gym. There is good internet access for tech devices.

The extracurricular activities program offers something for everyone, with a particular emphasis on drama and sports. 23 different team and individual sports are offered including cricket and football, horse-riding and swimming, and yoga and aerobics. There is a bus which transports students from the boarding facility to the school each day, where there are many further activities available, including music and art, technology and science.

The boarding facility prioritizes the safety and well-being of students. There are strict security measures, supervised dormitories, and trained staff who are able to provide 24-hour care and support, ensuring that boarding-house rules are properly respected.

The boarding facility enrols both boys and girls, who are housed in different secure areas of the facility, supervised around-the-clock by trained and experienced staff. All boarders share common areas such as the cafeteria and lounges to support the development of mature and fully-rounded individuals. Students can enrol each term either as 7 days-per-week or, for those who prefer to go home at the weekend, as 5-days per week residents.


We offer:
  • Comfortable rooms air conditioned in all seasons
  • 24-hour security, first aid and maintenance cover
  • Nutritious meals prepared in-house by a resident chef
  • Internet connectivity throughout the premises
  • LED televisions with cable network in common rooms with CD/ DVD players
  • Generators to guarantee uninterrupted power supply
  • Transportation to and from school
  • Indoor and outdoor sports, with expert coaching
  • Pre-arranged town trips


Located on Bedian Road, adjacent to the school’s Sports Complex, the Boarding House is set on 17 acres of lush open fields. The facility offers a secluded, serene atmosphere, ideally situated to encourage concentrated study and personal enrichment. The facility enrolls boys and girls, but there is also a separate girls-only boarding house located in DHA Phase V.


Successful applicants for admission at Newlands’ MYP 3-5 and DP 1-2 programs are eligible to apply for a place in the boarding facility. Places are limited and sought-after. Admission for the academic year beginning August 2024 opens from 18th January 2024.

Boarding Fees

The fees for Boarding are payable in advance at the beginning of every term and are non-refundable. For details, please contact the school’s Parent Relations Officer at info@newlands.net



Hands-on and practical experiences are integral to teaching and learning at Newlands Lahore. We believe in providing our students with the opportunity to apply their understanding of scientific processes and procedures in an environment that fosters inquiry and critical thinking.

Our campus is home to the following fully-equipped laboratories

  • Physics Lab
  • Biology Lab
  • Chemistry Lab
  • Information Communications Technology Lab
  • Media Lab


Students are familiarised with safety and security protocols during laboratory lessons and our trained staff and science teachers monitor students constantly to track each student’s progress

Learning Tower

Our facilities include the Learning Tower, our school library. Much more than a traditional library, it is a place where diverse and varied ideas, thoughts and viewpoints flourish, and where research is fostered as a lifelong learning skill. We believe that the school library is a learning hub that should provide essential support for teaching and learning in the classroom.

The Learning Tower is a three-storey building designed to create an environment where students can engage in different activities that promote a love of reading and research. The Learning Tower houses over 23000+ books and reference material, besides digital resources covering a wide range of topics. The ICT suite is on the top floor and has computers for research, multimedia projectors, as well as a dedicated space for robotics.

It is a resource centre for both individual and collaborative work for students and staff alike. Library lessons are utilised for issuing books to students, as well as for providing opportunities for different activities such as reading sessions, book review competitions, vocabulary and word games.

In line with our mission statement, we foster international mindedness by celebrating international days and events such as International Peace Day, World Dignity Day, Mothers’ Day, and World Book Day, which enable students to be aware of international issues as well as providing learning experiences. At the Learning Tower we teach our students to respect and protect resources, develop a strong sense of community, and increase their understanding of the world in which we live. It is our most powerful learning space for creating life-long learners.

School Meals

At Newlands Lahore, the entire student body is served nutritious and hygienic meals, carefully prepared in-house by a professional chef. The menu is carefully chosen with the nutritional requirements of developing children in mind, and created to encourage healthy eating habits. The monthly lunch menu is shared with the parent body at the beginning of every month.

Every day, students assemble in the cafeteria for lunch. While this option enhances their social development through connection outside of the classroom, it also promotes self-service, and good table manners, which are just a few examples of personal development that is ingrained in our school culture.

Swimming Pool

Newlands Lahore believes that keeping students physically active and mentally sharp means involving them in healthy activities. Along with the gym and the sports complex, swimming is one such activity that provides a great workout while remaining an enjoyable way for students to cool off and have fun during the summer.

Our facilities include a 50 x 25 indoor swimming pool that is open to students during school hours and supervised by professional coaches who also offer scheduled swimming lessons. Our pools are maintained all year long, and they are equipped with the best filtration and cleaning systems to ensure that our students have a clean and secure swimming experience. First aid supplies are readily available. Our administration is very particular about safety at the pool, and always has professionally trained coaches on hand.

Sports Complex

The Sports Complex at Newlands Lahore helps us to achieve our targets for the physical and mental health of our students. This state-of-the-art sports facility is a safe environment that is spread over 15 acres and appeals to students of all ages.

The extended sports facility appeals to older students but is also an excellent example of the PYP theme ‘Sharing the Planet,’ as it provides a perfect backdrop for ecological studies. With beautiful birds, majestic horses, an organic vegetable farm, free ranging chickens, and fruit trees, here our students appreciate and enjoy nature at its best. They enjoy visits to the sports complex during school hours and participate in games under the supervision of well-trained professional staff and coaches.

Our Sports Complex offers the following facilities:

  • Riding school having 18 horses with paddock and stables
  • Football ground
  • Cricket ground
  • Two dedicated basketball courts
  • Volleyball court
  • Tennis court
  • 400-metre track with eight lanes for Athletics