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About Newlands Lahore
Newlands Lahore (Newlands Lahore) was established on 13th September 2011, and takes pride in being the first International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (IB PYP) authorised school in the private sector in Lahore and the first in Beaconhouse School System. At Newlands Lahore, we create a premier day boarding experience for students, where education is about learning, creating opportunities for learners to develop their own ideas, and letting them stretch their imaginations. We have grown in numbers and in repute over the years, as a school of choice, as our learners step into the practical world as innovators and inventors, ready to meet the challenges of the 21st century. As an authorised IB World School for the Primary Years Programme (PYP), Newlands Lahore offers the IB PYP curriculum framework for students 3-11 years of age. Our middle school programme for students aged 12-14 years includes the best aspects of teaching and learning from different programmes. Newlands Lahore offers the IGCSE, O and A Level programmes as well as a boarding facility located in Bedian.

Message from the Principal

Mr Philip Armstrong

The Head of School at Beaconhouse Newlands is Mr Philip Armstrong, who has a significant background in working with IB World Schools. He was previously Head of School at Thuringia International School in Germany, and Hiroshima International School in Japan, also IB continuum schools, among other places.

M Armstrong is focussed upon further developing the wonderful culture that exists in the school, supporting students both academically and also as developing individuals. He is committed to nurturing culturally diverse and responsible global citizens in an inclusive learning community that combines core values with an inquiry-based curriculum.

He is committed to developing a modern and progressive approach to learning that is not just about memorising content, as it is in many other schools, but that enables students to prepare for the modern world by enabling a deeper understanding of concepts and the capacity to transfer learning to new contexts. The goal is that students are well prepared for university entrance, either in Pakistan or in other countries around the world, able to show competence and confidence in their chosen areas of specialisation and in general. Students will become confident and independent individuals, people of integrity with the capacity for teamwork and leadership, able to develop a visionary sense of their true potential and of how they can become better human beings.

House System

Newlands’ Houses – Baltit, Ranikot, Rhotas, Sandeman – are uniquely named after four of Pakistan’s greatest forts, each a large and magnificent stronghold. Strategically located, geography is maximised to ensure that defenders have a substantial advantage over any attackers. Upon gaining the much coveted Admission to Newlands, each student – and, consequently, each parent – is allocated into one of the four Houses.
House Points are accumulated over the course of the academic year for sports, academic, and other achievements, such as outstanding work, service to the community or exemplary conduct.
Heads of House (Staff) and House Captains (Students) ensure maximum participation, demonstrating true community spirit. Only 1 house will win the House Cup & Shield – awarded at the end of the academic year, after a culminating and nail biting final competition.
May the best house win!

Our Team