Sports Programme

Newlands Islamabad is ideally situated and purpose-built to offer a wide range of sports to its students. We are committed to the well-being and development of all students that attend our programme. Our sports programme offers a range of competitive and individual sports to develop skills and positive attitudes towards sports and physical activities.

Our aim is for students to find joy and fulfilment in doing their best and showing sportsmanship regardless of winning and losing. We train our students to take pride in representing the school and displaying Newlands core values.

We believe that physical education is an integral part of learning, as games and sports, both competitive and non-competitive, prepare students for real-life situations, build resilience and confidence to take up challenges, and display the best of the human spirit – regardless of success or failure.

Structure of sports club programme

The Sports Programme is mandatory for students from PYP 1 – 5, MYP and DP, and is structured to provide a range of experiences, scaffolded in three stages: Play Active, Stay Active and Sports Active.

We offer the following activities
under the sports programme:





Table Tennis




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The Learning Tower

Our facilities include the Learning Tower, our school library. Much more than a traditional library, it is a place where diverse and varied ideas, thoughts and viewpoints flourish, and where research is fostered as a lifelong learning skill. We believe that the school library is a learning hub that should provide essential support for teaching and learning in the classroom.

The Learning Tower is a three-storey building designed to create an environment where students can engage in different activities that promote a love of reading and research. The Learning Tower houses over 23000+ books and reference material, besides digital resources covering a wide range of topics. The ICT suite is on the top floor and has computers for research, multimedia projectors, as well as a dedicated space for robotics.

It is a resource centre for both individual and collaborative work for students and staff alike. Library lessons are utilised for issuing books to students, as well as for providing opportunities for different activities such as reading sessions, book review competitions, vocabulary and word games.

In line with our mission statement, we foster international mindedness by celebrating international days and events such as International Peace Day, World Dignity Day, Mothers’ Day, and World Book Day, which enable students to be aware of international issues as well as providing learning experiences. At the Learning Tower we teach our students to respect and protect resources, develop a strong sense of community, and increase their understanding of the world in which we live. It is our most powerful learning space for creating life-long learners.


The magnificently designed and state of the art auditorium at Newlands is a platform where imagination and creativity comes to life in memorable and spectacular shows and events. This facility is not only used to showcase student activities and events but is also utilized for community events and institutional functions. The artistically designed auditorium, with its high quality light and sound systems has a seating capacity of 700. It has been a proud host to mega events like TEDxLahore, Teacherhood Conference and cultural and literary events like Dastangoi. Similarly, a myriad of student activities such as plays, award ceremonies, debate competitions, musical productions, orchestral performances and dance competitions are regularly carried out in the school auditorium, providing our students an opportunity to express their creativity and talents. Such events help develop initiative and confidence in our students and at the same time equip them with the 21st century skills such as creative thinking, information & media literacy and communication skills. On the other hand, such events cultivate an appreciation for arts and culture, grooming our students into refined and cultured audience.


The artistically-designed and cutting-edge auditorium at Newlands Islamabad serves as the venue for memorable and spectacular performances that bring imagination and creativity to life. This facility is used for student events and activities and can accommodate up to 350 people.

Activities held here help students build self-confidence and acquire 21st century skills, such as critical thinking, media & information literacy, communication & social skills, and self-management skills. Additionally, events help foster love and an appreciation of the arts and culture.