Learning Support

Career Counseling

Expert advice on university admissions is available on campus through The Access Centre, our career hub. Our Career Counsellor is ready to guide you on important decisions concerning your higher education plans and aspirations. Topics on which our counsellor can advise you include:

Subject Selection

Career Planning

A Level Select Section

Personal Statements

International Applications

Recommendation Letters


SAT Preparation

National University Admissions

The Access Centre also offers a variety of career-related activities, such as:

University Information Sessions

Career Fairs

Internship Workshops

Summer School

Guest Speaker

Inclusion and Access

Urdu Support Programme

Early Years
Developmental Milestones

Online Programme (Mathletics - Renaissance)

Inclusion and Access

Beaconhouse-Newlands Multan welcomes a diverse student body and aims to provide an inclusive and holistic education. We believe in equal opportunities of learning for students who are able to benefit from the curriculum offered at BN Multan and try to meet their physical, emotional, and intellectual needs, whenever possible and appropriate. We strive to provide our students with an academic and social curriculum which is broad, balanced, and accessible.

We are committed to the inclusion of our students in all aspects of school life and also recognise their strengths to ensure that all are given the opportunity to contribute to the school’s academic, social, and cultural activities. A three-tiered system of instruction is crucial for the identification and support of students with learning needs, while all students benefit from quality instruction and getting the help they may need, without unnecessary labels of SEN. The programme is as follows:

Tier 1 – Core Instruction – specially-designed embedded interventions
Tier 2 – Supplemental Intervention – Specially-designed pull-out Instruction
Tier 3 – Intensive Intervention through SEN → Inclusive services

Urdu Support Programme

The Urdu Support Programme is designed to support differentiated learning and promote a love and appreciation of the National Language. It is also offered to learners who have little to no exposure to Urdu, which are mostly learners who have not lived in Pakistan.

Early Years Developmental Milestones

Early Years Developmental Milestones (EYDM) is a program that helps a child to work on developmental challenges. It encompasses a skill-based framework, providing the opportunity to work with gross and fine motor skills.

Online Programme (Mathletics - Renaissance Reading - Britannica)

Newlands is a Britannica School.
The go-to site for K-12 research where students can toggle between 3 reading levels on each article, have articles read aloud, and use Merriam-Websters’s double click dictionary to hear words pronounced and read their definitions. Each article can also be translated into over 80 languages.

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